Boundless Audio Record Cleaning Review

Boundless Audio Record Cleaning Review

So you have gotten bitten by the vinyl collecting bug and now you are starting to realize you may need a cleaner to clean your collection. Well, we are here to help go over some options for you.

When we got our hands on the Boundless Audio record cleaning solution kit we had to put it to the test. Boundless offers a full lineup of cleaning products for your record collection, from everyday use anti-static brushes to cleaning solutions. All designed to help you maintain the cleanliness you need with vinyl records.

Boundless Audio Record Cleaning Solution Kit

The Boundless Audio Record Cleaning Solution kit comes in a few different variations but there are two main variations. 

There is a kit we lovingly call the “all the basics kit” that comes with the basics to get you on the road to cleaner records. This kit comes with a 200ml (6.75 oz) bottle of cleaning solution, one label protector, and one microfiber cloth. 

Boundless Audio Record Cleaning Kit

Then there is the kit that we call the “everything kit” that comes with everything from the “all the basics kit” plus an anti-static record brush and stylus brush. 

If you don’t already have an anti-static brush then we recommend grabbing the “everything kit” as they do offer some great brushes which we will review in another post. Like we have said before based on how vinyl records work you need to keep them clean.

Boundless Audio Cleaning Solution

When we approach reviewing a cleaning solution there are a few things we always look for in cleaners. 

  1. Does the solution lift contaminants effectively?
  2. Does it remove static?
  3. Does it dry easily?
  4. Does it leave behind a film once dry?
  5. What is the user experience like? (is it easy to use)

This was no different for us when we tested Boundless Audio’s cleaning solution. We used the solution provided in this kit. They do, however, sell a much larger bottle to refill your small bottle or to use as your spray bottle with the supplied sprayer.

Boundless Audio Cleaning Cloth

In your kit, you will be provided with a non-shedding microfiber cloth to use with the solution for cleaning your records. The microfiber cloth does not shed and is super soft. We were very impressed even with the initial first impression.

We recommend you pick up some of these even if you decide not to use this vinyl record cleaner because they are great to have on hand for cleaning or drying your records with any cleaning method. You can get them at a very reasonable price here.

Boundless Audio Record Cleaning Cloth

Boundless Audio Label Protector

You will also receive a silicone label protector in their kits. This is designed to go over the spindle and lay directly on top of your label to keep cleaning products off your label. By using this you will help extend the shelf life of the adhesiveness of your records label.

To be clear this is not a label clamp; it’s a silicone disc to lay on top of your label. This is very effective for your spray cleaning systems or daily maintenance. 

How We Tested

We started by selecting some records from our collections that had static build-up and dust build-up. We even purchased some moldy thrift store records and some new records to help with testing if it would leave anything behind.

We cleaned 20 records in total, 5 new records, 5 static build-up records, 5 with mold, and 5 with dust. We cleaned the front and back then played each one after cleaning for this test. After we played each record we cleaned the stylus. 

How Did We Use The Boundless Cleaning Kit

We followed the directions provided to us in the kit but experimented with a few elements and variables to see if we could replicate some issues we see online to address them the best we can.

Boundless Audio Record Cleaning Solution Kit | Before Cleaning
  1. Placed the record on our cleaning station
  2. Place silicone label protector over your label
  3. Sprayed 6 times exactly roughly 4-6 inches from the record (needed consistency for the review)
  4. Let sit for 10 seconds
  5. Applied gentle pressure using the supplied microfiber cloth following the grooves in a circular motion. We used 3 full rotations. 
  6. Refolded the cloth to expose a dry area and applied gentle pressure again to dry. We did three rotations in each direction to ensure we removed all the cleaner and dried the records properly.
  7. Allow for 1 full minute to air dry before playing
Boundless Audio Record Cleaning | After Cleaning

We did this for every record and every side to ensure as much consistency as we could for the review. 

Boundless Audio Cleaning Kit Review

Now that you know how we tested let’s go over the results, our recommendations, ratings, and answer some of the questions other reviews like amazon bring to the table.


We found that this cleaning kit did a great job on the daily tasks of cleaning and maintaining your collection. This cleaner did an excellent job in removing static. It also removed dust without issue and left behind a nice clean surface.

On new records, this cleaner helped remove the mold release agents that were present on the records before the first play. We tested this by playing and cleaning them a couple of times per side until there was no more residue and then cleaning the stylus between plays. 


We can confidently say that the Boundless Audio cleaning kits are a great way to maintain your record collection if you read and follow the instructions provided in your kit. We would recommend using this on a light to medium duty cleaning basis. Here is their video on how to use their cleaning kit.

Now we know everyone’s definition of a dirty record is different but what we mean is if you have dusty or staticky records these we classify as light-duty and if you have some more caked in contaminants like mold this is a medium-duty cleaning job that will sometimes need a deep clean.

Our Rating

So back to the 5 things we look for in cleaning products.

  1. Does the solution lift contaminants effectively?
    • Yes, for a spray cleaner we think this does an excellent job in lifting and loosening contaminants out of the groove. Where it falls short is where all spray cleaners fall short, the removal. Since the removal of the contaminants relies on the end-user to use the right amount of pressure, the right type of microfiber cloths, etc there is room for error. 
    • 4.5 out 5 on lifting contaminants
  2. Does it remove static?
    • Yes, exceptionally well. We have 5 used records that were high in static and 5 new records that of course came staticky and this spray instantly removed the static.
    • 5 out of 5 for static removal
  3. Does it dry easily?
    • This product does seem to take more effort and longer to dry than other sprays in the category. It still does dry, it is just not the easiest to dry with a cloth or by air. This may seem like a small issue but if any spray is not drying properly it can leave behind residue. That is why it’s important to follow the supplied directions.
    • 4 out of 5
  4. Does it leave behind a film once dry?
    • No, there are mixed reviews about this online but we are going to break it down further down in this post. The cleaner itself does not leave behind any residue that we found.
    • 4.5 out of 5
  5. What is the user experience like? (is it easy to use)
    • User experience is always a difficult one but what we are looking for is, is this product easy to use and does it lend itself to a pleasant experience? This product is very easy to use like most cleaning sprays. The only issue is the variables of how much pressure to apply and how to dry properly.
    • 4.5 out of 5

This gives this cleaning kit an overall score of 4.5 stars from Vinyl Bro. 

Some Common Issues Or Questions Found Online

Our goal in this section of our review is to clear the air a little. We always try to reach out to the manufacturer regarding these issues and concerns to hear their take. Boundless Audio was a pleasure to work with and enjoyed answering any questions we had.

There is only really 1 thing we noticed people mentioning a couple of times in the forums and amazon reviews.

Some people claim that the cleaner left a film behind on their record. In all of the records that we cleaned, we cleaned side a and b following the directions supplied; this was never the case. 

We think what is happening here is the record they are cleaning was too dirty for a light cleaning method and needed cleaning again or needed a wet method to remove the contaminants. The other option may be they did not use a lint-free towel when drying. Both of these scenarios are clearly labeled in the instructions provided. 

One record we cleaned that really needed a wet deep clean and tested the theory and while the record looked clean from the cleaner it did have dirt deep in the groove that the cleaner appeared to have loosened and that is what was sticking to the stylus. In my opinion, this is not the product’s fault but the fact it needed more cleans or a deep wet and vacuum clean. 

What we did with the other side of this really dirty record is apply a little more pressure and this seemed to remove the contaminants better. Just in case though we reached out to the team at Boundless Audio and here is what they said.

“Usually what is happening is:

A: the records have released some dirt/dust that is not being sufficiently removed

It’s possible that if the records are dirty, the dirt is being released from the grooves but not effectively being removed, and multiple cleanings are necessary. We often advise customers to experiment with different pressure on the record when cleaning and drying with the included cloth, and moving the cloth in different directions (always rotating the cloth circularly around the grooves, not across them).

Other parts of the process we advise to try, are refolding the cloth to a dry part of the cloth for a second pass (to absorb any extra moisture left from the first pass) and making sure they let the records air-dry for at least one minute before playing. That said, the issues are usually resolved from multiple cleanings. Here’s a link to our cleaning instruction video:

B: if the records are new, the mold release agent + fluid hasn’t been sufficiently removed

When records are pressed they have a mold release agent applied to them to make it easier to separate the vinyl from the mold (when the two halves are split apart). While there is plenty of discussion on forums about this, we suspect our fluid has potentially begun to dislodge the agent, but the records need another few passes of cleaning to completely remove the mold release agent and fluid.

C: the cleaning cloth is dirty

We spent a long time testing different variations of microfiber to find something that was non-shedding and absorbent enough to get the cleaning solution off the record. If a customer has used the cloth over a long period and cleaned many dirty records, we recommend the following process: Add a small amount of clothes washing liquid to a basin of water and gently hand wash for a few minutes. Ensure it’s completely rinsed of the washing liquid by rinsing in another basin of soft tap or distilled water, and again squeeze it with a towel and allow it to air-dry overnight.”

As you can tell we already came to these conclusions prior to reaching out to Boundless Audio. There are many variables that can affect cleaning records and not applying enough pressure or using a moist side of the towel can hinder your ability to remove the contaminants from the surface. This is not a film left on your records, at least it wasn’t in any of our tests. It is simply dirty and contaminates that have been lifted and suspended but not removed. Then your stylus comes along the groove and scrapes them out. 

So if you clean a record with this cleaner properly then play a song and notice stuff on your stylus we suggest cleaning it again following the directions. This should completely remove anything left behind.

Boundless Audio Cleaning Kit Conclusion

All in all we think that if you decide to purchase the Boundless Audio kits you will likely be happy and the great thing about them is that they stand behind their product with a “100% risk-free purchase guarantee”. If you are not satisfied with the bundle they will give you a refund. They have made a very good light duty cleaning solution for maintaining your collection. Couple that with the fact they believe in and stand behind their product and that is a huge deal. If you are interested in all the products they sell you can find Boundless Audios storefront here.

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