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The Definitive Guide Of How To Store Vinyl Records

This is a topic that is approached often, and everyone has their favorite storage method and their preferences. However, we aim to guide you through the definitive methods around storing your vinyl records the proper way. As long as we follow some general guidelines your records will be kept safely regardless of what brand shelf…
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Are Vinyl Records Still Made

How To Ship Vinyl Records? The Best Guide To Shipping

How To Ship Vinyl Records? Shipping vinyl records may seem like a very basic thing to do. There are some things you need to think about and consider before you just throw your records in a box and send them out. It needs to be done properly or it is almost guaranteed that the records…
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Waterproof Record Label Clamp

How To Clean Vinyl Records With Windex? And Should You?

What!? Window cleaner on a vinyl record? Who has ever heard of such a thing? Well, apparently a lot of people in the days of old used this exact thing to clean their vinyl record collection. Before a time of record specific anti-static brushes, clothes, and cleaners you had to use something to clean them….
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Record Player | turntable

Are Vinyl Records Coming Back? A Helpful Guide Of Recent Album Sales

Once the most popular media used for listening to music, vinyl records became all but obsolete to just about everyone. There were always the die-hards out there that still collected and listened to records and they never let go. Vinyl eventually mostly became replaced by the CD for a multitude of reasons which include but…
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Record With Soap And Water

Does Water Ruin Vinyl Records? What You Need To Know

Maybe you just do not have a record cleaner and want to know if you can use water. Maybe you spilled water on your brand new record? Or maybe, unfortunately, your house flooded and your vinyl records got soaked? This does not have to be the end of the world. As a matter of fact,…
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Phonograph Horn | Gramophone Horn

Do Record Players Need Electricity? Helpful Record Player Information

While this may seem like an odd question to some, it is still a valid question and is still asked often. If you think back in the history of turntables, this question actually becomes pretty cloudy. We seek to directly answer your question in this article. So, Do Record Players Need Electricity? Modern record players…
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