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Making A Record Cleaning Station Supplies | Vinyl Bro

Making A Record Cleaning Station

Everyone loves cleaning their records and keeping them in tip-top condition because that’s how you keep them sounding great. Not many people think about creating a designated place for cleaning their records. The pros and cons of cleaning your records on your record player or a cleaning station vary but we plan to go over…
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Shellac Nipper | History of vinyl Records

The Exhaustive History Of Records And Record Players

We think record players and vinyl records are super awesome and many of you probably agree. The thing is there is a long history behind them and it’s pretty fascinating. We feel like this is one of the many reasons people are drawn to collecting vinyl records. You feel like you are buying a piece…
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What is a vinyl record?

What Is A Vinyl Record? The Best Guide On These Common Questions

LP, record, EP, 45, and shellac? If there is one thing in the music and record world that’s confusing, then it’s all the terminology used to describe or say the same thing which is a vinyl record.  So what is a vinyl record? A vinyl record is a disc made from heated polyvinyl chloride that…
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Is Vinyl Worth It? Are Record Players Worth It?

Is Vinyl Worth It? The Best Guide To Help You Find Your Answer

You have just got home after a weekend day of driving around town looking for the perfect album to bring home. Being thrilled at your bounty you decide to open the sleeve, slide out your new vinyl and give it a listen. The sound of the needle dropping. You hear some light static from surface…
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Why Are Records Better? Collection Of Vinyl

Why Are Records Better? Why We Think They Are The Best

Vinyl records represent timeless music and a different listening experience than other audio formats. From their cultural and historical significance to the nostalgic feelings they bring, even young listeners – who do not have the same connection as their parents or older siblings – listen to and own vinyl records. But what makes them better…
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