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Moving Hearts Dark End of the Street Classic Album Review

About Moving Hearts

Moving Hearts is an influential Irish folk-rock band that was active during the early 1980s and made significant contributions to the world of Celtic music. They seamlessly merged traditional Irish music with rock and roll, creating a unique sound that resonated with fans across the world.

Background and Formation: Formed in 1981, the band consisted of various talented musicians who already had established careers in the Irish music scene. Notable members included Dónal Lunny (previously of Planxty and The Bothy Band) and Christy Moore, also formerly of Planxty. Lunny’s bouzouki and Moore’s distinctive voice gave the band a characteristic sound that was complemented by the other members’ prowess.

Musical Contributions and Themes: Moving Hearts wasn’t just known for their musical innovations; they were also politically outspoken. They addressed contemporary social and political issues, particularly the conflict in Northern Ireland. Songs like “Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Russian Roulette” reflected global concerns, while “No Time for Love” delved deep into the challenges of the Northern Ireland conflict.

Evolution and Disbandment: Over the years, Moving Hearts saw several lineup changes. Christy Moore left the band early on, leading to a shift from vocal-centered songs to more instrumental compositions. Despite the changes, the band’s musical output remained critically acclaimed. After producing several albums, Moving Hearts disbanded in the mid-1980s. However, their legacy lived on, and they occasionally reunited for performances in the subsequent years.

Legacy: Moving Hearts left an indelible mark on the Irish music scene. Their fusion of rock and traditional Irish music paved the way for many future Celtic rock bands. Their politically charged lyrics also set a precedent for using music as a medium to voice concerns about contemporary social issues.

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Moving Hearts Dark End of the Street Album Review

Nestled in the vibrant tapestry of Irish music is Moving Hearts, a band that beautifully fuses traditional Celtic sounds with the energetic pulse of electric instruments, drawing parallels to the evocative era post Sandy Denny’s Fairport Convention.

The 1980s was a tumultuous time. The looming shadows of a potential nuclear standoff between the giants, the USA and USSR, were palpable. Closer to home, the Emerald Isle was torn apart by sectarian battles, brothers standing against brothers in Northern Ireland. Amidst this turbulent backdrop, Moving Hearts crafted a poignant musical masterpiece.

The album makes an impactful entrance with “Hiroshima, Nagasaki Russian Roulette,” setting the tone and capturing the pressing concerns of the era. As listeners journey through the tracks, they’re treated to intricate instrumentals that resonate with the soul, alongside two notable covers. Their rendition of Quicksilver’s “What Will You Do About Me?” offers a haunting question, while the timeless country anthem “Dark End Of The Street” takes on an even deeper, heart-wrenching significance, echoing the relentless Catholic-Protestant conflicts of the time.

However, the album’s heart beats most fervently with “No Time For Love.” It’s a song that delves deep into the heart of Northern Ireland’s strife, shedding light on the challenges of bridging the embittered divides. Throughout the album, the musicianship remains top-notch, resonating with both the heart and the mind. As Vinyl Bro reflects on this masterpiece, we’re reminded of the enduring power of music to capture, comment on, and perhaps even mend, the divides of its time.

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Moving Hearts Dark End of the Street – Track List

Dive into the soul-stirring soundscape crafted by Moving Hearts, an ensemble that masterfully blends Irish folk with riveting rock undertones. Each track stands as a testament to the band’s profound ability to address pressing socio-political issues while never compromising on musical integrity. From the haunting melodies to poignant lyrics, this track list offers a journey through Ireland’s heart and history.

  1. Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian Roulette
  2. Before the Deluge
  3. Let Somebody Know
  4. McBrides
  5. What Will You Do About Me
  6. No Time for Love
  7. Downtown
  8. Dark End of the Street
  9. Half-Moon
  10. Remember the Brave Ones

From start to finish, Moving Hearts delivers a musical experience that resonates deeply, invoking emotions and sparking reflections on the world around us. Their fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds has left an indelible mark on the realm of Celtic rock. As the final notes fade, listeners are left with an enriched understanding of the band’s unparalleled artistry and the timeless stories encapsulated within each song.

Conclusion – Moving Hearts – Dark End of the Street

Moving Hearts isn’t just a band; they’re a musical force, capturing the spirit and struggles of their time with unparalleled passion. Through their distinctive blend of Irish tradition and rock influences, they’ve given voice to the silent battles and social issues of their era. The band’s commitment to authentic storytelling, paired with their innovative soundscapes, serves as a timeless reminder of music’s power to inspire change, bridge divides, and touch souls. Whether you’re a long-time fan or discovering them anew, the legacy of Moving Hearts is a testament to the everlasting impact of music that speaks from the heart and for the heart.

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