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Bobby Paris Let Me Show You the Way LP | Review and Song List

About Bobby Paris

Born and raised in the bustling heart of New York City, Bobby Paris was a luminary in the blue-eyed soul genre, adding a unique flair with his Puerto Rican heritage. His musical journey began as early as 1956, harmonizing with the neighborhood doo-wop ensemble, the Golden Keys. Embarking on a solo trajectory, Paris debuted with “Rockin’ Concerto” in 1960 under the Indigo label. This marked the beginning of a series of independent label associations that released singles like “Is It You” (1962) and “Love Passed Me By” (1965).

However, the spotlight truly shone on Paris with the 1966 smash hit “Night Owl”. Note only was this melody a remarkable creation from his five-year-old self’s imagination, but it also became the lifeline for the Cameo/Parkway label during its financial tribulations.

Soon after, Paris found a new home with Capitol Records. His inaugural track for them, “I Walked Away,” was released in 1967. Demonstrating his multifaceted talents, Capitol also employed Paris as a producer. Among his notable works was co-producing Bobbie Gentry’s timeless “Ode to Billie Joe” in that same year. A string of releases followed, including memorable numbers like “Per-So-Nal-Ly” and the iconic Hair track “Let the Sunshine In.” Paris’ stint with Capitol culminated in 1973 with the tracks “Baby, Spread Your Love on Me” and “Love Looks So Good on You.”

Bobby Paris’ legacy, however, didn’t just confine itself to the US. Across the Atlantic in the UK, tracks like “Night Owl,” “I Walked Away,” and “Per-So-Nal-Ly” were hailed as the anthems of the Northern Soul club culture. Interestingly, Paris was unaware of his impact on this British subculture until the late 90s. It was only in 1999, when he was approached for the documentary “The Strange World of Northern Soul,” that he truly understood his influence. He also graced the documentary’s premiere with a live performance, marking his enduring connection with fans worldwide.

Bobby Paris, who left the world on September 24, 2009, will forever be remembered for his distinct voice, musical contributions, and the indelible mark he left on the Northern Soul movement.

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Bobby Paris Let Me Show You the Way Album Review

Dive deep with Vinyl Bro as we unearth treasures from the past and reminisce about an era punctuated by bold experiments and iconic shows. Those were the days of neon, disco balls, and some of television’s quirkiest moments. Remember the hypnotic allure of late-night TV in the 70s? Among the vibrant spectrum of shows was the satirical masterpiece “America Tonight.” With the witty Martin Mull donning the role of host and the comedic genius of Fred Willard playing his trusty sidekick, it wasn’t just a show; it was a cultural phenomenon.

But what made “America Tonight” truly iconic were its eclectic guest appearances. Whether it was the zany regulars from the Gong Show or that uniquely memorable artist who dared to emulate Frank Sinatra’s classic vocals – every episode was a roller coaster of emotions. Imagine, a performer swaggering onto the stage, every inch the Sinatra doppelganger, crooning with fervor. But just as you’re about to be swept away, there’s an off-beat note or a misstep that brings on peals of laughter. This faux Sinatra, in his endearing attempts and comedic slips, became emblematic of the show’s charm.

Transitioning from this TV gem, let’s turn our focus to the album in question. It stands as a testament to that bygone era – brimming with audacity, humor, and a tinge of earnestness. Here’s an artist channeling Tom Jones, with all the charisma and verve, but with a twist that might remind you of William Shatner’s eccentric cover of “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.” It’s neither a direct miss nor a soaring hit, but instead, a delightful middle ground that evokes chuckles and admiration in equal parts. Just like the 70s, this album encapsulates a time of fearless exploration, surprising outcomes, and unforgettable melodies. Whether you’re laughing or humming along, it’s an experience Vinyl Bro insists you shouldn’t miss.

Bobby Paris Let Me Show You the Way Back Cover | Vinyl Bro

Bobby Paris Let Me Show You the Way – Track List

Out of Key
I’m So Lonely
No No No Girl
I’m That Kind of Man
Going Out the Way I Came In
Interlude: The Beginning
Let Me Show You the Way
Interlude: The Love
Interlude: The End?
Please Mr. Sun
Interlude: The Hurt
Interlude: The Realization
Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying
Interlude: The New Beginning
Bye Bye Blackbird

Conclusion – Bobby Paris – Let Me Show You the Way

Navigating the complex tapestry of 70s music and television, it’s evident that the era was as much about audacious experiments as it was about iconic successes. This album, much like the quirkiness of “America Tonight,” stands as a testament to a time when boundaries were pushed, and the line between satire and sincerity was often blurred. Whether it’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane or a curious exploration into an artist’s daring attempt, Vinyl Bro invites you to appreciate the era’s rich, multifaceted legacy, reminding listeners of the courage it took to simply be different.

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