Ukulele Songs by Eddie Vedder

Exploring the Undeniable Allure of Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele Songs LP

Eddie Vedder, the dynamic frontman of the iconic band Pearl Jam, is renowned for his earth-shattering, gravely vocals that seem to reverberate with raw and powerful emotion. Yet, in a fascinating twist to his musical journey, Vedder unveiled his gentler, more melodious side in his second solo studio album, Ukulele Songs. Released on May 31, 2011, this album proved to be an unexpected delight, brimming with Vedder’s original compositions and fresh takes on several timeless standards, all of which are skillfully and gracefully delivered through the humble ukulele.

What makes this album truly special is the pervasive sense of warmth and intimacy that it radiates. From Vedder’s soft strumming on the ukulele to his unmistakable voice, the music on this album feels up close and personal, like a private concert taking place right in your own living room. In fact, it’s a testament to Vedder’s immense skill as a musician that he manages to transform the ukulele — a simple instrument known for its light, cheerful tunes — into a powerful medium for conveying his raw emotional energy and deeply moving narratives.

The captivating aura of the album is further enhanced by its stunning cover art. Featuring a photograph of Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater sculpture “The Lost Correspondent,” the album cover seems to exude a sense of mystery and depth that perfectly echoes the profound emotional landscapes that Vedder navigates through his music. The artwork is part of an underwater sculpture park in Moliniere Bay, Grenada, adding an intriguing cultural nuance to the album.

Ukulele Songs has been largely well-received by critics. With a 68% rating on Metacritic and a solid three-and-a-half-star review from Rolling Stone magazine, the album has been lauded for Vedder’s successful exploration of the ukulele’s range of expression. Despite the instrument’s apparent simplicity, Vedder skillfully harnessed its unique characteristics, allowing his raw and resonant vocals to truly shine. This resulted in a deeply human and intimate sound that resonated with a wide array of listeners.

Following the album’s release, Vedder set out on a solo tour across different corners of North America, deviating from Pearl Jam’s usual grandiose shows. Choosing to perform in smaller, cozier venues, Vedder managed to create an incredibly personal connection with his audience, which further enhanced the charm and appeal of Ukulele Songs. The tour was met with rave reviews, cementing Vedder’s reputation as a versatile and captivating performer.

Ukulele Songs by Eddie Vedder

Comprising sixteen tracks, the album presents a series of distinct, yet seamlessly interconnected songs. Notable pieces like “Can’t Keep,” “Sleeping by Myself,” and “Without You” effectively showcase Vedder’s knack for pouring his heart out through simple melodies. The album also features the mellifluous voices of Glen Hansard on “Sleepless Nights” and Chan Marshall, also known as Cat Power, on “Tonight You Belong to Me,” adding an extra layer of diversity and richness to the music.

Ukulele Songs created quite a stir upon its release, charting in several countries. The album reached impressive rankings, peaking at number 4 on the US Billboard 200 and number 2 on the US Top Rock Albums (Billboard). It even achieved Gold certification in Canada, indicative of over 40,000 copies sold.

In a fitting tribute to the enduring appeal of Ukulele Songs, a special Vinyl LP edition was released on May 6, 2022. The vinyl edition, pressed on 180g black vinyl, currently retails on  amazon – Ukulele Songs.

With its remarkable depth, artistic charm, and unique musical journey, “Ukulele Songs” stands as a shining testament to Eddie Vedder’s unmatched creativity and versatility. Whether you’re a lifelong Vedder enthusiast, a devoted Pearl Jam fan, or simply a music aficionado in search of a refreshing sound, this album is worth delving into. The vinyl edition provides a new and delightful way to enjoy the warmth of the ukulele coupled with Vedder’s impassioned vocals, making it a must-have addition to any music collection.”

Did Eddie Vedder Play Ukulele?

Yes, Eddie Vedder, the frontman of the rock band Pearl Jam, indeed played the ukulele. He showcased his ukulele playing skills prominently in his second solo studio album titled “Ukulele Songs.” Released in 2011, the album features original compositions as well as new arrangements of several standards, all performed by Vedder on the ukulele. According to the album’s liner notes, Vedder utilized six different ukuleles during the recording process, demonstrating his dedication and proficiency with the instrument.

Ukulele Songs Eddie Vedder

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What Ukulele Does Eddie Vedder Use?

Delving into the detailed liner notes of Eddie Vedder’s distinctive album, “Ukulele Songs,” we discover an intriguing revelation: the creation of this unique album involved the use of not one, but six different ukuleles. This array of instruments played a critical role in crafting the unique sound that has become characteristic of this acclaimed album.

First on the list is the Kamaka Tenor ukulele. Kamaka is a respected brand in the ukulele world, famed for their high-quality Hawaiian-made instruments. The Tenor model, with its larger size, provides a deep, full sound, and was likely a key player in developing the album’s rich tonality.

In addition to the Tenor, Vedder also used a Kamaka 6-string ukulele, a less common model. This instrument is distinctive due to its added strings, which offer a broader range of sound and allow for a more complex, guitar-like tonality.

The third ukulele listed in the liner notes is the Ceniza 5 String Martin Tenor. This unique combination of brands and styles implies an instrument that balances the signature rich warmth of Martin’s tenor ukuleles with an additional string, providing an extra layer of tonal depth.

Following this, we find the DeVine Tenor. DeVine ukuleles are known for their premium craftsmanship, and a tenor model from this maker would contribute a resonant, warm sound to the album.

Ukulele Songs Eddie Vedder

Also featured is the Ernest Tele ukulele. Ernest, another trusted name in the world of ukuleles, produces a wide range of quality instruments, with the Tele model adding a likely bright and clear tonality to Vedder’s collection.

Finally, Vedder’s lineup wouldn’t be complete without the addition of an electric ukulele, in this case, the EV Electric Uketar. 

This fusion of electric guitar and ukulele offers the ability to create a variety of tones, from the classic ukulele sound to more electrified, rock-infused melodies. It adds an edge to the album and showcases Vedder’s versatility as an artist.

In conclusion, the collection of ukuleles that Vedder used while recording Ukulele Songs is as diverse and unique as the music it produced. Each instrument brought its unique character to the table, creating a rich tapestry of sound that is unmistakably Vedder’s.

Conclusion: Ukulele Songs by Eddie Vedder

Given the remarkable charm and artistic quality of Ukulele Songs, this album stands as a testament to Eddie Vedder’s versatility and creativity as a musician. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Vedder and Pearl Jam or simply a music lover looking for a unique sound, Ukulele Songs is an album worth exploring. Its release on vinyl allows listeners to enjoy the warm, organic sound of the ukulele and Vedder’s expressive vocals in a whole new way, making it a valuable addition to any music collection.

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