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Cindy Bullens – Desire Wire | Vinyl Album Review

About Cindy Bullens – now Cidny Bullens

Cindy Bullens is an American singer-songwriter and producer who emerged in the music scene during the late 1970s. Beginning his career as a backing vocalist, Bullens gained early recognition touring with Elton John and contributing vocals to some of his hits. While his talent as a backing vocalist was undeniable, it was his prowess as a solo artist that truly showcased his abilities.

In 1979, Bullens released his debut album, “Desire Wire”, which was critically acclaimed and featured his hit single “Survivor”. His early work embodied the rock and roll spirit of the era, establishing his as a notable figure in the genre. Over the years, he released multiple albums, each showcasing his evolution as an artist and his versatility in handling various musical styles.

In the 1990s, Bullens shifted his focus towards songwriting, penning tracks for several artists and even receiving Grammy nominations for his contributions. However, personal events in his life, including the loss of his daughter, led him to create deeply personal and reflective albums like “Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth”.

In a significant personal and professional transformation, Bullens came out as transgender and transitioned, changing his name to Cidny Bullens. This profound change also influenced his music, leading to even more introspective work that touched on themes of identity, change, and authenticity.

Throughout his career, whether as Cindy or Cidny, Bullens has been celebrated for his raw emotion, powerful songwriting, and undeniable talent, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

Cindy Bullens – Desire Wire | Vinyl Album Review

Cindy Bullens - Desire Wire | Outside Cover | Vinyl Bro

Deep in the vaults of rock history, Cindy Bullens stands as a testament to unyielding spirit and sheer talent. Embodying the raw essence of classic rock, Bullens possesses an audacious spirit, delivering no-frills, punchy rock tunes straight from the heart. Beyond his noteworthy songwriting and powerful vocals, he showcases his prowess with the guitar, a skill that sadly isn’t spotlighted enough on his tracks.

‘Desire Wire’, his debut album, unfortunately didn’t receive the attention it truly deserved. A considerable part of this oversight can be attributed to two significant challenges. First, the producers, seemingly uncertain about harnessing Bullens’ unique and explosive energy, ended up overstepping their boundaries. Instead of letting his natural talent shine, they sought to mold and overly refine his, which took away from the album’s potential raw appeal. Secondly, it seemed like the record label, in an inexplicable move, tucked Bullens away in obscurity, almost as if forgetting the gem they had in their hands. “Desire Wire” had all the makings of a chart-topping success, yet it was overshadowed by these external challenges.

However, for those who’ve had the pleasure of immersing themselves in its tracks, ‘Desire Wire’ isn’t just a debut; it’s a powerful statement of what could have been. Even amidst the surrounding issues, the album remains a solid introduction to Bullens’ talent, hinting at the vast potential waiting to be tapped. At Vinyl Bro, we’re all about unearthing these hidden gems, and Cindy Bullens’ ‘Desire Wire’ reminds us of the true spirit of rock and roll – raw, real, and always resilient.

Cindy Bullens – Desire Wire Track List

Delve into the sonic journey that is ‘Desire Wire’, a testament to Cindy Bullens’ unyielding passion and unmistakable talent. Each track is an exploration of raw emotion and rock prowess, showcasing Bullens at his finest. From the gritty guitar riffs to the heartfelt lyrics, this tracklist stands as a poignant reflection of a time when rock was both a rebellion and a revelation.

Cindy Bullens - Desire Wire | Inside Cover | Vinyl Bro
  1. Survivor
  2. Anxious Heart
  3. Desire Wire
  4. Time ‘N Charges
  5. High School History
  6. Mean In Your Heart
  7. Hot Tears
  8. Knee Deep In Love
  9. Finally Rockin

As the last notes of ‘Desire Wire’ fade, one can’t help but be engulfed by the pure emotion and power Cindy Bullens pours into every track. It’s more than just a collection of songs; it’s a narrative of Bullens’ artistic journey, his challenges, and his triumphs. This tracklist, though overlooked in its time, serves as a timeless reminder of what true rock and roll sounds and feels like. Dive in, reminisce, and let the music take you back to an era of raw authenticity.

Cindy Bullens – Desire Wire Album Review – Conclusion

In the vast tapestry of rock and roll, few artists possess the resilience, adaptability, and raw talent of Cindy Bullens, now known as Cidny Bullens. From the electrifying performances of the ’70s to the soul-searching melodies of more recent years, Bullens’ journey, both personal and musical, serves as a testament to the transformative power of music. “Desire Wire” stands as an emblematic representation of a time when Bullens was on the cusp of stardom, a raw talent ready to set the world alight. Through trials and tribulations, from accolades to personal challenges, Bullens’ music has always been a beacon of authenticity. As we spin the tracks of “Desire Wire” and reminisce, it’s not just a nod to the past, but a celebration of an artist’s enduring spirit and timeless impact. Dive into the melodies, embrace the lyrics, and let the legacy of Cindy Bullens resonate. Vinyl Bro invites you to cherish this musical journey, as every note tells a story, every lyric paints a picture, and every album is a chapter in the incredible saga of Cidny Bullens.

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