Starz - Starz | Vinyl Album Review

Starz – Starz | Classic Album Review | Vinyl Review

About Starz

Starz is an American hard rock band that rose to prominence in the mid-to-late 1970s. Formed in New York, the group showcased a perfect blend of catchy hooks and hard-edged rock, which gave them a unique space in the music scene of that era. While they might not have reached the astronomical success of some of their contemporaries, their influence on the subsequent generation of rock and glam metal bands is undeniable.

The band’s lineup consisted of Michael Lee Smith on vocals, Richie Ranno on guitar, Brendan Harkin on guitar, Pieter “Pete” Sweval on bass, and Joe X. Dube on drums. Over the years, the band released several albums, with their self-titled debut “Starz” and “Violation” being among the most notable.

One of the unique aspects of Starz was their adeptness at merging commercially appealing pop elements with the grittier tones of hard rock. This duality allowed them to appeal to a broader audience, though it may have also kept them from fitting neatly into a specific niche in the rock hierarchy of the time.

Despite the challenges and the changing musical landscape, Starz’s legacy persists, particularly among dedicated rock enthusiasts and musicians who cite them as a formative influence. Their music continues to inspire a new generation of rockers who appreciate the timeless quality of genuine rock n’ roll.

Starz – Starz | Vinyl Album Review

Starz - Starz | Front Cover | Vinyl Album Review

Starz, hailing from the vibrant streets of New York, is often viewed as a precursor to the dynamic pop metal wave that surged during the 1980s. Their initial spark came not just from their music, but also from their impactful presence on Don Kirshner’s Sunday Night Rock concert. This catapulted them into the limelight, setting a foundation for their budding legacy.

Visually, the band had an unmistakable edge. Their logo was stylish and memorable, leaving an impression on anyone who glanced its way. Moreover, the lead vocalist had this uncanny aura that reminded many of the iconic Mick Jagger. Musically, they might have taken the path of classic arena rock, but it was laced with their distinctive creativity. Their songs were more than just catchy tunes; they had depth and layers. Their track “Pull the Plug” was a daring dive into the topic of euthanasia, cementing their reputation for pushing boundaries.

Detractors and critics often gave Starz a cold shoulder, but it’s essential to understand the lens from which they view music. Critics have an affinity for music that often leans towards the complex, profound, and thought-provoking. Yet, not every album needs to stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Abbey Road or Born To Run. Starz’s debut album is a sonic joyride, laden with pure rock energy. It’s the kind of album that you blast on a sunny day, top down, cruising the open road. It’s a testament to rock’s fun and carefree side, and sometimes, that’s just what the soul needs.

Starz Self Titled Track List

Step into the world of Starz with their eponymous album, a testament to the very soul of rock ‘n’ roll. Each track, starting with the dynamic “Detroit Girls”, paints a vivid picture of the era, showcasing the band’s signature energy and style. Get ready to embark on a musical odyssey that celebrates Starz’s distinctive sound and undying spirit.

Starz - Starz | Back Cover | Vinyl Album Review
  1. Detroit Girls
  2. Live Wire
  3. Tear It Down
  4. Boys in Action
  5. (She’s Just a) Fallen Angel
  6. Monkey Business
  7. Night Crawler
  8. Over and Over
  9. Pull the Plug
  10. Now I Can

As the final chords of “Now I Can” resonate, one can’t help but appreciate the musical journey Starz has curated. Whether it’s the rebellious anthems or the deeply emotional ballads, this album stands as a testament to the band’s versatility and their ability to craft timeless rock classics. Another spin is almost inevitable; such is the allure of Starz’s magnetic sound.

Starz – Starz Album Review – Conclusion

Navigating the vast universe of rock music, Starz has managed to etch their unique signature with unforgettable tracks such as “Pull the Plug” and “Now I Can”. This album doesn’t just offer a selection of tunes—it provides listeners a deep dive into the band’s essence, capturing the electric vibrancy of the era from which it sprung. Every song acts as a testament to their craftsmanship and dedication. Even as musical landscapes evolve, the influence of Starz remains undiminished. Their indelible mark on the classic rock genre ensures they are remembered not just as musicians, but as legends. Whenever you find yourself yearning for that quintessential rock spirit, know that this album will always be there, waiting to transport you back to those golden days.

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