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About Man

The U.S. band “Man” as described on Discogs is not as widely recognized as the Welsh band of the same name. Based on the information provided on Discogs:

Man was an American rock band primarily known for its members, Supa (Richard Supa) and Dennis Belline. They released an album titled “Man” which features distinctive songs that captured the essence of their era. Richard Supa, one of the main figures of the band, later carved out a career for himself as a session player and songwriter. He wrote “Chip Away The Stone,” which has been covered by notable bands like Aerosmith and Humble Pie. In addition to his work with Man, Supa released several solo albums in the 1970s. Another interesting point about the U.S. band “Man” is their unique take on Bob Dylan’s “Girl Of The North Country,” which was released as a 45 rpm.

This American “Man” should not be confused with the more popular Welsh band bearing the same name. Supa and Dennis Belline also previously collaborated in another obscure band named Denny Belline and The Rich Kids, releasing an album on RCA in 1966.

Man – Man Album Review

Man - Man Album Review | Man US Band | Vinyl Bro

Dive into a sonic journey with the album “Man,” a masterful collaboration helmed by the dynamic duo of Supa and Dennis Belline. Crafted under the meticulous eyes and ears of the iconic Bob Johnston, this album stands as a testament to timeless songwriting and visionary production.

Tracks like “Riverhead Jail,” “Brother John,” and “Far too many Changes Came” resonate with an enduring essence, making them as poignant today as they were back in the day. Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon the captivating “Sister Salvation”—a notable favorite, finding its airtime on several progressive rock stations upon the album’s release. The entire project encapsulates an imaginative flair, brilliantly complemented by Supa’s one-of-a-kind vocal prowess.

Yet, despite the album’s undeniable charm and appeal, the group faced internal challenges. The chemistry, though palpable in the music, didn’t translate off-stage. The band’s journey was brief, culminating with this record. However, for vinyl enthusiasts and 60s aficionados, “Man” remains an essential and often overlooked gem. The album’s ethereal cover captures the band members in a dreamlike haze, hinting at the magic contained within.

A side note for the avid listeners: this is not to be mistaken for the Welsh ensemble sharing the same name. Supa, also known as Richard Supa, had prior ties with Dennis Belline in the lesser-known band Denny Belline and The Rich Kids, releasing an album in ’66. Richard Supa’s musical talents extended beyond just this group, venturing into session playing and crafting songs. His iconic “Chip Away The Stone” earned recognition, with big names like Aerosmith and Humble Pie offering their renditions. With four solo albums between 1971-1978, Supa’s musical imprint is undeniable.

As a delightful bonus for Bob Dylan fans, Man’s rendition of “Girl Of The North Country” is truly transformative. Though primarily found on a 45 rpm, it’s a cover that is an auditory delight, reimagining Dylan’s classic with a fresh vibrancy.

So, fellow vinyl aficionados, if “Man” hasn’t graced your turntable yet, Vinyl Bro recommends hunting it down. This album is not just music; it’s a piece of history.

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Man – Man Track list

Step into the rich tapestry of sound and sentiment with Man’s transformative tracks. From the whimsical allure of ‘Sleepy Eyes And Butterflies’ to the contemplative echoes of ‘O, Child, In Time’, each song stands as a beacon of the band’s unparalleled artistry. Let’s embark on this musical journey together.

  1. Sleepy Eyes And Butterflies
  2. Riverhead Jail
  3. When Can I Call You Friend
  4. Brother John
  5. Far Too Many Changes Came
  6. Sister Salvation
  7. Camp Of The Gypsies
  8. O, Child, In Time

As ‘O, Child, In Time’ concludes our musical odyssey, it’s evident that Man’s distinct ability to capture the essence of emotion and narrative within their melodies is unmatched. Each song on this list tells its own story, inviting listeners to find a piece of themselves within. Until the next play, let the resonant harmonies of Man linger in your heart and soul.

Man – Man Album Review Conclusion

As we reflect upon Man’s captivating melodies, it’s undeniable how their tracks weave together intricate tales of introspection, adventure, and the human experience. From the soulful undertones of ‘Riverhead Jail’ to the uplifting spirit of ‘Sister Salvation’, their music transcends time, inviting listeners of all ages to immerse themselves in their stories. With each play, we’re reminded of the power music holds, and Man’s timeless creations certainly stand as a testament to that.

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